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Programs of Study

The Chemistry Department offers three tracks within the chemistry major leading to a degree, as well as a chemistry minor. The Chemistry track leads to the basic chemistry degree; two other areas of concentration are a Pre-Med Professions track and a Materials Chemistry track. We encourage students in any concentration to seek research study with one or more of our professors as a component of their undergraduate experience. Our faculty members believe that undergraduate students contribute significantly to the development of research directions and results, and seek to include them in their explorations. The partnership between faculty and students can lead to journal publications or presentations at scientific meetings and conferences, and also contribute strongly to opportunities to obtain supporting grants and funding to continue on-going research.


The Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry is accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS). This means that the degree is nationally recognized as being of high quality and the graduate is suitable for employment in any type of chemical industry. Employers look at applicants that have ACS-accredited chemistry degrees first. More information about possible careers in chemistry is located on the ACS website.