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beakers filled with liquid multicolored
student and teacher working together
hand with a poured purple liquid
student in the lab
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Materials Chemistry Track (Official Program of Study)

blurred bottles and flasks


The track is designed to provide a broad background ideally suited to careers in research or industrial pursuits usually in the application of physical and chemical principles leading to the design and characterization of materials (e.g. inorganic solids, polymers, and nanoscale materials). The track acquires an interdisciplinary emphasis by requiring courses in mathematics, computer science, and physics. It provides all of the prerequisites for entry into most chemistry graduate programs. Careers in Materials Chemistry vary widely although graduates will be well-suited to pursue employment in the chemical and related industries focusing on energy and the environment, pharmaceuticals, nano- and biotechnology, chemical engineering, geo-chemistry, catalysis, optical materials and all manner of electronic devices, and related fields. You can read more about this area in the official program of study. Contact Dr. Michael Lufaso for more information about the track.