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beakers filled with liquid multicolored
student and teacher working together
hand with a poured purple liquid
student in the lab
staff member in the lab

Chemistry Track (Official Program of Study)

chemistry close up of water bubbles


This track is designed to provide a thorough background in chemistry with coverage of all the major areas of chemistry, as well as electives to gain breadth and depth of knowledge. An interest in how and why things work is often the driving force motivating students to seek an education in the sciences, and often it leads to chemistry. As a central science, chemistry plays a pivotal role in the most basic physical, biological, and allied health disciplines. Bachelor's degree chemists can choose from many diverse paths for their short-term and lifetime careers, including graduate study leading to advanced degrees and research in a variety of programs, rewarding employment in industry or government labs, professional or law schools, or much-needed teaching service in high schools. All are supported by a degree in chemistry. The track provides all of the prerequisites for entry into most chemistry graduate programs, professional positions in the chemical industry, and medical schools and related professions.