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Biochemistry Track (Official Program of Study)

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Our Biochemistry track is designed for students interested in bio-medically related research careers. Students will gain a deeper and broader understanding of biochemical principles and techniques through the emphasis on biology and biochemistry courses found within this track. Upon completion, students will be better prepared to pursue STEM careers that do not fall within the traditional confines of chemistry or biology degree programs. Biochemistry is the study of biological systems on a molecular level. Competency in the field of biochemistry requires an in-depth understanding of chemistry, a fundamental knowledge of biology, and the ability to recognize the interconnections between the two disciplines. This track is designed to prepare students who wish to pursue careers in biochemical and/or biomedical research including such specific areas as pharmaceutical sciences, disease diagnostics, drug development, DNA-based forensics, proteomics, and clinical chemistry. This program of study fulfills the prerequisite courses required by most chemistry graduate programs. Contact Dr. Bryan Knuckley for more information about the track.