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UNF Chemistry Outstanding Graduate in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry has presented the "Outstanding Graduate in Chemistry" award to the best and the brightest chemistry graduate for the past thirty years. The list of awardees is below and we have added current positions if known.


Year Recipient Current Position
2020 Ryan Lopez Medical Student at the University of Pennsylvania
2019 Dawn Raja Somu Graduate Student at Florida Atlantic University
2018 Jessica Mammallapalli Medicinal Chemistry Graduate Student in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy
2017 Pete Ranspach Medical Student at the University of South Florida
2016 Drew Salsburg Biochemistry Graduate Student at Duke
2015 Yang Ban Chemical Engineering Graduate Student at UT Austin
2014 Natalie Cleaveland (Ph.D.) Applications Scientist at Perkin Elmer
2013 Mary Hertz (Ph.D.) Chemistry Graduate Student at Florida State University (advisor - Susan Latturner)
2013 Mikhail Marchenko Medical Student at UCF Medical School
2012 Katelyn (Fredrickson) Carnevale (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor, Medical Education (Biochemistry), Nova Southeast University
2011 Zachary Kann (Ph.D.) Data Scientist at Conversant Media
2010 Daniel Dudenkov (M.D.) Internal Medicine-Resident at Mayo Clinic
2009 James Vickers (Ph.D.) Postdoc at National Energy Technology Laboratory
2008 Katherine (Compaan) Randall (Ph.D.) Research Chemist at University of Georgia
2007 Natalia Klosak (M.D.) Anesthesiologist at US Anesthesia Partners
2006 Luz Mery Mendez  
2005 Jason E. Johnson  
2004 Jennifer (Garrett) Williams (Ph.D.) Integration Services Laboratory Lead at NASA
2003 Katerina Kucera (Ph.D.) Scientist at Path BioAnalytics
2002 Thomas F. Hughes (Ph.D.) Senior Scientist at Schrodinger
2001 John-Michael D. Holas Global Sr. Quality Assurance Manager at Anheuser-Busch
2000 Shana Wolf  
2000 Vicki Broadstreet Senior Forensic Chemist at the US Drug Enforcement Administration
1999 Raymond Thibault (Ph.D.) Materials Program Manager at NuLabel Technologies
1998 Felix Thanh-Hung Tran  
1997 Tuan Tran  
1996 Patricia Sakon Williams  
1995 Rick Troendle (Ph.D.) UNF Chemistry Laboratory Lecturer!
1994 Michael DeArment  
1993 Melissa (Morris) Bush UNF Chemistry Laboratory Lecturer!
1992 Pamela K. Dominick  
1991 Judith Ellen Simms Retired UNF Chemistry Laboratory Lecturer
1990 K. Bruce Byrd  
1989 Jean H. Hawkins