Chemistry Faculty & Staff

 UNF Department of Chemistry - August 2015


We are pleased to welcome the following faculty to our department in August 2016.

Dr. Pere Miro Ramirez, Assistant Professor (Physical Chemistry)


A complete list of Chemistry faculty and staff is below. Click on the names below for more information.

Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty

Dr. Radha Pyati, Professor and Chair

Environmental and Analytical Chemistry


Dr. Kenneth Laali, Presidential Professor

Mechanistic and Synthetic Organic/Organometallic Chemistry


Dr. Corey Causey, Associate Professor

Organic and Bio-Organic Chemistry


Dr. Stuart Chalk, Associate Professor

Analytical Chemistry, Chemometrics, and Chemical Informatics


Dr. Christos Lampropoulos, Associate Professor

Inorganic and Materials Chemistry


Dr. Amy Lane, Associate Professor

Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Bio-Organic Chemistry


Dr. Michael Lufaso, Associate Professor

Inorganic and Materials Chemistry 


Dr. Bryan Knuckley, Assistant Professor

Biochemistry and General Chemistry


Dr. Hannah R. Malcolm, Assistant Professor

Biochemistry and General Chemistry


Dr. Joshua Melko, Assistant Professor

Physical Chemistry


Dr. Pere Miro, Assistant Professor

Physical Chemistry


Dr. Thomas 'TJ' Mullen, Assistant Professor

Analytical and Materials Chemistry


Laboratory Lecturer Faculty

Melissa Bush

Quantitative, Environmental, and Biological Chemistry


Matt Davies

General and Organic Chemistry


Dr. Mahsa Hosseini

General Chemistry


Dr. David Nyquist

Organic, Biological, and General Chemistry


Dr. Robert Stern

General, Biological, and Organic Chemistry


Dr. Rick Troendle

General, Quantitative Chemistry, Physical, and Instrumental Analysis


Visiting Faculty

Dr. Barnali Mondal

Visiting Laboratory Lecturer

Intro and General Chemistry


Support Staff

Dr. Chunqing "Nelson" Zhao

Analytical Instrumentation Facility Manager


Melanie Speaks

Laboratory Manager


Caitlin Bernatt

Laboratory Technician


Katie Ovadia

Office Manager

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Kunisi Venkatasubban (Venkat), Professor, currently Part-Time

Organic Chemistry, Past Chair of Chemistry and Physics


Dr. Ray Bowman, Founding Director, UNF Environmental Center (retired)

Environmental and Biochemistry


Dr. Edward Healy, Original Chair of Natural Sciences

Inorganic Chemistry