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Dear Chemistry Graduate,

Congratulations on your graduation from UNF and becoming a member of the UNF Chemistry Alumni! We enjoyed the time spent with you during your journey at UNF and we are devastated that your last semester ended without us getting to say goodbye. Graduation day is one of our favorite days of the year because we get to see you soar into your future. All of your hard-work and dedication has led to this moment and you should be proud of accomplishing something very few are able to do - You have received a Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry.


Each of you are special to us by providing us the opportunity to share with you our passion for Chemistry. We chose this life to help others and teach them about the joy of Chemistry. Each of you now has the opportunity to share your knowledge with society and help make us a better planet. We are proud that many of you are taking another step and attending graduate school, medical school, pharmacy school, or working in industry. These will be rewarding experiences that will impact your life forever. As part of your Chemistry family, we are here to help you now or in the future.


Although, you were not able to walk across the stage and receive your diploma, we are still proud of you. We hope you will come back to say goodbye and to celebrate you later this year. We still plan to host the annual Chemistry commencement reception in the Fall and will invite each of you to join us. We hope you will be able to attend.


Congratulations Osprey! Go soar to new heights!

Stay safe and stay healthy. We hope to see you soon.



The Chemistry Department Faculty and Staff

P.S. You are a certified ACS Chemistry graduate and are entitled to a three-year membership to the ACS for free! To take advantage of this offer please visit