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beakers filled with liquid multicolored
student and teacher working together
hand with a poured purple liquid
student in the lab
staff member in the lab

Outstanding Chemistry Graduate

Each year, the Department of Chemistry honors its best students by giving awards for "Outstanding Chemistry Graduate, "Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher", the "American Institute of Chemistry (AIC) Award", and American Chemical Society Awards in the areas of Analytical, Inorganic, and Organic Chemistry. A historical list of awardees is presented below.

Year Recipient
2016 Drew Salsburg
2015 Yang Ban
2014 Natalie Cleaveland
2013 Mary Hertz and Mikhail Marchenko
2012 Katelyn Fredrickson
2011 Zachary Kann
2010 Daniel Dudenkov
2009 James Vickers
2008 Katherine Compaan
2007 Natalia Klosak
2006 Luz Mery Mendez