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Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate degree program in Criminal Justice is broad-based in nature, stressing the interrelationships between the various components of the criminal justice system – police, courts and corrections – and familiarizing students with each of these components and their theoretical bases. The program also recognizes and builds upon the interdisciplinary nature of the field it seeks to address. Criminal Justice as a discipline draws together all the social and behavioral sciences, the natural sciences, the mathematical and computer sciences, as well as law and jurisprudence to focus on the problem of crime in society. Indeed, accreditation guidelines for post-secondary criminal justice education programs clearly specify that the curricula "must give explicit recognition to the multi-disciplinary character of the field."

Honors in Criminal Justice

Outstanding undergraduate criminal justice majors who are interested in graduating with the designation of "Honors in Criminal Justice" may apply for admission to the Criminal Justice Honors Program. Application should be made at least two semesters prior to graduation. Admission to the program requires: an overall grade point average of 3.67 or better, junior or senior standing, and completion of CCJ 3014; a letter of application to the Criminal Justice faculty, which includes a discussion of career plans and proposed research to be conducted for the Honors research project; and securing the sponsorship of a member of the Criminal Justice faculty to serve as the supervisor of the Honors research project.