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Criminology & Criminal Justice Capstone Internship Program

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The UNF Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice offers one of the largest and most extensive Criminal Justice internship placement programs in the United States. With active placement agreements involving over 60 organizations in both the governmental and non-profit sectors, UNF Criminal Justice students gain hands-on experience in organizations as diverse as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. Marshals, Florida Department of Children and Families, Operation New Hope, Daniel Memorial Inc., the City of Jacksonville Mayor's Office, and many others. The CCJ Capstone Internship Program involves 6 credit hours undertaken by graduating seniors in the Pre-internship and Internship courses. During the Pre-internship course, students explore and research the missions, academic research, and specific opportunities relevant to their career area. During the Internship field placement, students are assigned by the Department to actual criminal justice settings and brought back to campus to debrief, discuss research and practice and summarize their experience in a Senior Capstone Paper. Along the way, students share with faculty and one another in peer-to-peer learning exercises. In sum, in CCJ, we empower students to take the first steps of their career journey and to make informed decisions about their career choices.


"The hands on experience is the best part of the whole course, since you get to go beyond just reading about theories and concepts, and actually get to apply them in real world situations."-Meghan Hull, UNF Criminal Justice alumna.


The agency placement list includes the names of our partner agencies and the tasks in which students are involved.


The Criminal Justice Internship is composed of Pre-internship Seminar (CCJ 4939) and Internship in Criminal Justice (CCJ 4940). Both of these courses are required for non-service majors; students must obtain permission from Professor John Dean, the Internship Coordinator, to register for the courses. The pre-internship is to be taken the semester immediately prior to interning.

Internship Frequently Asked Questions