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Criminal Justice Graduate Student Handbook MSCJ Program Information


The program consists of 36 graduate semester hours. There is a common core of 6 courses required of all students, comprising 18 semester hours of study. The students must also complete an Exit Requirement of either a thesis or two additional electives in consultation with the MSCJ Director.


Prerequisites must be completed within the first nine hours of graduate course work.

  • Undergraduate Statistics (STA 2014) or Research Methods (CCJ 3700) 
  • Undergraduate Criminological Theory or Introductory Criminology with a theory component

Program Courses

Required Core Courses

Advanced Methods of Criminological Research
(pre-requisite for Quantitative and Qualitative courses)
Law, Deviance and Social Control
Criminal Justice Systems
Criminological Theory
Quantitative Research Methods
Qualitative Research Methods


course offerings vary

Exit Requirements

Thesis/demonstration project or graduate level electives



Offical Program of Sudy