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Criminal Justice Graduate Student Handbook Admission Policies and Procedures

Applying to the MSCJ Program

Please follow the steps below to apply to the MSCJ program at UNF:

Step 1

Application and Application Fee All graduate applicants must complete and submit an application form, which is available on the Graduate School website at the web address above. If the application is submitted in paper format, the non-refundable application fee is $30.00 (check or money order) drawn from a U.S. bank. If the application is submitted online, the non-refundable application fee is also $30.00 and may be paid by credit card (UNF does not accept Visa, unfortunately). 

Step 2

Official College Transcripts Graduate applicants must provide evidence, in the form of official transcripts, of an earned baccalaureate degree from an approved college or university. An approved college or university is one that has candidacy or membership status with the appropriate regional accrediting agency, such as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The Graduate School will only accept hard copy transcripts. Students should submit one official hard copy of their transcripts to the Graduate School by the posted deadline. You are required to provide official transcripts from each institution attended, regardless if a transcript shows courses from another university. Former UNF students will normally not need to request transcripts unless they have attended an institution since leaving UNF.

Step 3

Additional Required Materials The MSCJ program requires two or more letters of recommendation from responsible persons who hold graduate degrees and know the student well enough to attest to the student’s ability to succeed at the graduate level and a letter requesting admission to the program discussing: a) Academic and relevant employment experiences, b) Career goals, c) Areas of chief interest in the 6 field, and d) Reasons for seeking the MSCJ degree. The letters of recommendation and letter of interest must also be sent to the Graduate School.

Step 4

Submission of your materials. The Graduate School strongly encourages you to submit all application materials together in one packet. All materials listed above in steps 1-4 must be sent to the address below:


The Graduate School University of North Florida

1 UNF Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32224

MSCJ Application Deadlines: Fall Admission – July 1st

Spring Admission – November 1st

Summer Admission – March 15th


Once all above requirements for admission have been satisfied, the applicant's file will be forwarded from the Graduate School to the MSCJ Program Director.

Application Review and Decision

The MSCJ Program Director carefully evaluates each application. The Graduate Committee, comprised of a portion of the CCJ faculty, may additionally review applications. An application decision is one of three possible outcomes: Admit, Provisionally Admit (Trial Program), or Deny. Once the decision has been made, the applicant will receive a letter from the UNF Graduate School informing him/her of the result.

Trial Admission

Trial or “provisional” admission is considered on a case-by-case basis. Full admission into the MSCJ program requires that prospective students have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. If the GPA remains slightly below the minimum standard, the MSCJ Director and Graduate Committee may admit the student on a trial basis. The student must then meet certain requirements in order to be fully admitted. Typically, these requirements consist of earning a “B” or better in the first two core courses in which the student enrolls.

Post-Baccalaureate Status

Students who wish to take courses in a non-degree seeking status may apply as a post-baccalaureate student. The application is also available from the Graduate School’s website. Post-baccalaureate students may take up to 9 credit hours of graduate course work and up to 12 credit hours of undergraduate coursework. Please note that financial aid is not available to students in a non-degree seeking status. All students who are in post-baccalaureate status are required to contact the MSCJ Program Director each semester during the registration period in order to receive registration permission for MSCJ courses in which they wish to enroll.

However, the MSCJ Director and Committee can agree on different criteria based on the individual applicant. Students completing trial program requirements successfully will be removed from conditional status and fully admitted into the program. Students who fail to meet trial program requirements will not be admitted. Those individuals have a right to appeal this decision.

Readmission of Inactive Students

Students who have been accepted previously but who never enrolled or who have not taken courses for one year (three consecutive terms, including summers) must reapply to the graduate program. They will be responsible for meeting any new general admissions requirements and program specific requirements.