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Criminal Justice Graduate Student Handbook General Information

Class Size and Format

Graduate classes are typically smaller than undergraduate classes, which facilitates increased interaction between individual students and the faculty member teaching the course. Classes are often conducted on a seminar basis. This means that class sessions are devoted almost entirely to discussion of assigned readings or other materials, and it is expected that all students will come to class completely prepared and willing to participate in class discussion.

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all class sessions. Because most graduate courses meet just once a week, missing a single class is tantamount to missing an entire week of material. Given the limited number of class meetings, importance of class discussion, and rigor of graduate work, missed classes are inexcusable at the graduate level.

The Graduate Workload

The workload in graduate courses is heavier than that of undergraduate courses. Required readings, class assignments, and written research projects are extensive and time consuming. Graduate students are expected to submit all assignments on time. 

Quality of Work

A high level of performance in all written assignments for graduate students is expected. The work should demonstrate sophisticated critical thinking with an emphasis on depth and breadth of knowledge. Assignments must be written in Standard English with proper grammar, correct spelling, appropriate in-text citations, and academic references.


Graduate students should be self-directed and motivated in their studies. Some class assignments are specific while others will require you to develop and pursue individual research interests. Particularly in Supervised Research, Supervised Teaching, Directed Independent Study (DIS) and Exit Options, graduate students must be pro-active and self-directed in preparation and implementation.

Rules and Regulations

All Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) graduate students are responsible for the information included in the MSCJ Graduate Student Handbook and the UNF Graduate Catalog. Although the MSCJ Graduate Student Handbook elaborates on some aspects of your graduate school experience, the UNF Graduate Catalog is the official policy manual which governs your life as a UNF graduate student.