Meet the Criminology & Criminal Justice Faculty


Name Position Special Interests
Catherine Chadeayne  Instructor & Internship Coordinator Internship program
Dr Michael Cherbonneau   Assistant Professor Criminological Theory; Criminal Decision-Making; Crime Prevention; Street Crime & Violence; Offender-Based Research
John Dean  Instructor & Internship Coordinator Internship program
Dr David R. Forde Chair & Professor

Crime Prevention, Violence,Victimology, Epidemiology, Social Statistics, Survey Research

   Dr.Ellen Glasser Instructor Female leadership in Law Enforcement, Terrorism & Homeland Security, White Collar Crime, Mass killings
Dr. Michael Hallett  Professor Critical Criminology, Program Evaluation, Race and Punishment, Privatized Penal Systems, Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
Lucy Ann Hoover      Visiting Professor      Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Terrorism and Law Enforcement
Dr. Kristina Lopez   Assistant Professor

Immigration, Ethnicity, and Crime, Criminology, Corrections, and Program Evaluation

Dr. Holly V. Miller Associate Professor Immigration and Crime, Juvenile Delinquency, Program Evaluation, Correctional Policy
Dr. J. Mitchell Miller 


Drugs and Crime, Program Evaluation, Qualitative Methods

Dr. Alicia Sitren 

Associate Professor

Offender Perceptions and Decision-making Paradigms; The Nature and Function of Jails; Job Candidate Desirability Research; and Criminology-Econometric modeling

Dr. Brenda Vose   

MSCJ Program Director & Associate Professor

Research Methods, Community Corrections: Parole, Probation, Effective Intervention, Criminal Justice Policy, Media Influences

Dr. Jennifer K. Wesely Professor Domestic Violence, Gender, Inequality and Justice, Women's Experiences of Violence and Homelessness

Adjunct Faculty

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