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Dr. Kristina M. Lopez

Assistant Professor

Phone: (904) 620-2225


Office: Building 51, Room 2116


Kristina M. Lopez joined the CCJ department in fall 2015 after completing her Ph.D. in Criminology from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. She holds a master’s of science in Justice Policy and a B.A. in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Kristina’s research interests are largely concentrated in immigration, ethnicity, and crime, criminology, corrections, and program evaluation. She has been afforded a number of opportunities to contribute significantly to pure and applied research projects. Some of her work has appeared in Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Research in Social Problems and Public Policy, and The Open Family Studies Journal. She also served as Managing Editor for both the Journal of Criminal Justice Education (JCJE) and SAGE’s 21st Century Criminology Reference Handbook.

She has acquired significant teaching experience in various criminal justice courses that include criminology, corrections, comparative studies, courts, and ethics in criminal justice. Dr. Lopez also had the privilege to instruct courses at Texas A&M University - Central Texas and at her Alma Mater, The University of Texas at San Antonio. She takes pride in exerting effort toward student success by mentorship. She was awarded Graduate Student Recognition of Campus Support as an honored instructor by her students at Texas State University. Currently, she is serving as co-faculty advisor of Alpha Phi Sigma – Pi Omega, UNF’s chapter of the national criminal justice honor society.

Selected Publications:

Miller, H.V., & Lopez, K. (2014). Prevalence of Victimization and Exposure to
Violence in a Sample of Hispanic Americans: A Research Note. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Lopez, K., & Miller, H.V. (2011). “Ethnicity, Acculturation, and Offending:
Findings from a Sample of Hispanic Adolescents” The Open Family Studies Journal, 4, 27-37.

Miller, H.V., Miller, J.M., Tillyer, R., & Lopez, K. (2010). “Recovery and
Punishment in Correctional Settings: Reconciling Conflicting Objectives” in Stacy Burns & Mark Peyrot (Eds.), Research in Social Problems and Public Policy. Amsterdam: JAI Press.