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Related Resources 

Bureau of Justice Statistics

 An extensive list of publications and online tables are available from this U.S. government site.


 The Drug Policy Alliance

This site is one of the best places to learn about drugs from a policy reform standpoint.


 National Institute on Drug Abuse and Office of National Drug Control Policy

These sites are two of the most informative government sites.


 National Justice Reference Service

Mega site for criminal justice offers links to government agencies, think tanks, data archives, interest groups, etc. There are plenty of resources for those interested in courts, drugs and crime, crime statistics, and more.


The Open Directory Project 

The Open Directory Project maintains thousands of criminology links, covering fields such as of sociology and other disciplines that deal with crime. There are also links to academic papers and international criminal 

justice sites.


 Pearson Higher Education

This site maintains many links in the areas of criminal justice, sociology of deviance and violence and abuse.


The Schaffer Library and The Media Awareness Project

These sites provide extensive information on drug policy reform.