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Outstanding Faculty

The University of North Florida employs some of the most gifted faculty who enhance the community life with their resources and outside work. As of 2007, there were 696 faculty primarily holding appointments as full- or part-time teaching faculty. These faculty members receive awards and honors that bring recognition to the important work they do. For example, an English faculty member received a Special Community Service Award from the State Attorney's Office of the Fourth Judicial Court for her "Living Inside" Project at the Duval County Jail. In 2007, four faculty members in the Nursing program were recognized as one of the “Great 100 Nurses of Northeast Florida.” Our outstanding faculty are also involved in their respective fields, enhancing the academic prestige of our university. For the 2007-2008 academic year, faculty members served on the editorial boards of approximately 34 professional journals, and they held about 100 leadership positions in professional organizations. In addition, approximately 146 faculty members appeared on local television and radio news and talk programs just last year. Such appearances allow them to share their knowledge and expertise to the region.


Table 2: Select List of Journals and Publications with Faculty Serving on Editorial Boards 
 Coggin College of Business
 Journal of Business Issues
 College of Arts and Sciences
 Journal of Literary Disability
 Journal of Military History
 El Escribano: The Journal of St. Augustine History
 Journals of the American Physical Society
 Journal of Personality
 Teaching Sociology
 College of Computing, Engineering and Construction
 IEEE Sensors Journal
 Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences
 College of Education and Human Services
 Florida Reading Quarterly
 Gifted Child Today

Source: Faculty Survey, 2008

See Appendix A for a complete list


 Select List of Faculty Leadership Positions with Professional Organizations

Faculty also share their expertise with the community through presentations, talks, and workshops with organizations in Northeast Florida. In 2007, at least 45 speaking engagements were undertaken by faculty. For example, a faculty member gave a research seminar on Tick-Borne Disease Epidemiology for the State of Florida Department of Health. Other organizations included the Rotary Club, various area schools, St. Augustine Historical Society, the Cummer Museum of Art, The Sanctuary, and the Northeast Financial Management Center. Faculty members also provide other valuable resources to the community. For instance, a faculty member in the College of Education and Human Services served as a consultant for Spanish and English as a Second Language with the Florida Teacher Certification Examination. Another faculty member provides GIS consulting and support for Episcopal Children’s Services. A Criminal Justice faculty member provided community-based research for the Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Florida and Operation New Hope. A complete list of community presentations and resources can be found in Appendix A.

 Coggin College of Business

Vice President, African Finance and Economics Association Board Member, Association for Public Budgeting & Finance Legal-Legislative Committee Chair, National Council on Economic Education


College of Arts and Sciences

Section Membership Chair, American Psychological Association President, Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology Past President’s Council, International Association of Jazz Educators President-Elect, Southeastern American Society for Microbiology


College of Computing, Engineering and Construction

Committee Chairman, American Society of Civil Engineers Panel Member, National Science Foundation Paper Reviewer, International Assoc. of Science & Technology for Development

College of Education and Human Services

Commission 32 Member, Association of Teacher Educators Technology Coordinator, International Society for Technology in Education AERA Institute on Statistical Analysis for Education Policy


Brooks College of Health

Book Reviewer, American College of Sports Medicine Education Committee, Association of Community Health Nurse Educators, Inc. Nominating Committee Chair, American Dietetic Association

See Appendix A for a complete list.