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Sharing New Knowledge

The University of North Florida has brought major research projects to the Jacksonville area, and has applied that research to practical problems in the disciplines of political science, sociology, natural sciences, public health, computer sciences, and engineering. Not only do most faculty engage in research, but so do students - both undergraduate and graduate.

During the 2006-2007 academic year, 163 proposals were submitted and 138 awards were received. The awards received amounted to over $13 million. Future phases of the study will, in conjunction with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, incorporate more detailed information on the research projects undertaken at the University. Information on student research from the Undergraduate Academic Enrichment Program will also be gathered.


Table 7: Research Activity, 2006-2007
Description Information
Proposals Submitted 163
Awards Received 138
Value of Awards Received $13,171,641
Expenditures $15,254,795
  • 3 Invention Disclosures Received
  • 1 Patent Application Filed
  • 1 Patent Issued

*2005-2006 information

Source: Office of Research & Sponsored Programs, 2008

*See Appendix A for a complete list


Throughout the colleges on campus, 19 research centers were identified where faculty, and often students, engage in research and service activities. These centers meet the needs of our community by providing resources to the Jacksonville region and beyond. Below is a list along with their purpose:

Advanced Weather Information Systems (AWIS) Research Laboratory

Provides high resolution real time weather research. This information is used by Emergency Management in an event situation, and can also be used for construction research, environmental management, water management and conservation, and agricultural management.

Bank of America Institute

An interdisciplinary program of the Coggin College of Business and College of Computing, Science, and Engineering, it furnishes research and information regarding the integration, management, and deployment of technology to the financial services industry.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Center for Ethics, Public Policy, and the Professions Website

Facilitates the application of moral reasoning to questions of ethics and values as faced by policymakers, researchers, and professional practitioners in the areas of health care, law, business, engineering, education, government, and public life generally.

Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research

Coordinates the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs operating in policing, courts, corrections, and juvenile justice.

Center for International Business Studies Website

Supports the International Business Program by soliciting funding, operating and enhancing programs, and promoting the program in Jacksonville and abroad. The Center also facilitates international business in the northeast Florida region by working with area businesses to supply needed information about international trade opportunities.

First Coast Manufacturing Innovations Partnership

Established with a grant from the National Science Foundation, this center provides expertise and research support to manufacturing companies in the Jacksonville region.

The Florida Center for Public and International Policy

Provides high quality programs to meet the needs of Florida's communities primarily across government and nonprofit organizations.

Florida Institute of Education Website

Improves public education by engaging in systems thinking, collaborative problem-solving, research-focused evaluation, instructional and leadership development, and practice-focused research and development.

Institute for Management, Development, and Organizational Quality

Provides technical expertise to businesses and organizations in Northeast Florida by delivering direct educational programs, management consulting and facilitation services, applied organizational research, and quality process evaluation and development.

Local Economic Indicator Project (LEIP) Website

LEIP collects data from Jacksonville and analyzes rice changes in order to measure inflation, adjust unemployment rates for seasonality, report stock price changes, and produce an index of leading indicators; to facilitate comparing our local numbers with similar numbers nationwide.

Northeast Florida Center for Community Initiatives Website

Provides high quality research and evaluation support to community, local, state and federal programs affecting the community life in Northeast Florida.

The Paper and Plastics Education Research (PAPER) Institute

Encourages and supports research, education, and development endeavors that integrate academic pursuits relevant to the National Paper Trade Alliance (NPTA) and its membership.

Public Opinion Research Laboratory

A resource for public policymakers, faculty researchers, government agencies, non-profit agencies, businesses and students to execute survey research.

Research Center in Economics and Geographic Information Systems

Provides high quality economic and geographic analysis to help businesses and government agencies in Northeast Florida improve their economic planning and forecasting.

State Farm Companies Foundation Center for Financial Research

A trading room facility for students in the Osprey Financial Group that includes trading desks and a boardroom, and gives students access to the same technology and data as professional fund managers.

Taylor Engineering Research Institute

Promotes and supports collaborative research in coastal and water resources science and engineering.

Undergraduate Academic Enrichment Program Website

Supports extracurricular activities that enrich the educational experiences of undergraduate students and contribute to an enhanced intellectual and cultural atmosphere for the entire campus community.

UNF Environmental Center Website

Develops and fosters multidisciplinary education and research related to the environment.