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Summary and Conclusion

The first two phases of this community engagement study provide a comprehensive examination into the major contributions the University is making to Jacksonville and Northeast Florida, particularly through the work of faculty and students. The University is committed to improving the life of the Jacksonville community, and the initial findings from this study further prove that commitment. As an active and contributing member of Jacksonville and Northeast Florida, UNF:

  • Adds vibrancy to the community through faculty, staff, and students that are committed to positively impacting the community.
  • Contributes to scholarly research and applies that research to issues relevant to our community.

  • Serves community health needs through faculty, staff, and student involvement in health care organizations and health care issues.

  • Provides resources to improve elementary and secondary education throughout Northeast Florida through outreach, partnerships, and college preparation programs.
  • Provides special educational and cultural resources to members of the Northeast Florida community through fine arts programs, major speakers, and other events.
  • Supports local business and non-profit organizations through individual involvement and access to resources relevant to the Northeast Florida business environment.
Phase Three of the project will broaden the scope by including administrative staff, support staff, athletics, etc. These University members are engaged with the community just as the faculty and students are and are an important piece to the puzzle. A similar process will be followed in collecting their data during this phase. The completed study will provide an inventory of faculty, staff, and student contributions to the educational, social, and cultural offerings of the Jacksonville and Northeast Florida community. This information will prove invaluable to their efforts at promoting UNF’s reputation as a community partner. The completion of the first phase provides an exciting introduction into the magnitude and scope of community engagement occurring at the University.