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aerial scene of jacksonville city with its bridges and a sunset in the backdrop
aerial view of a red roofed neighborhood with a lake
busy street corner with a large group of pedestrians crossing the street
a student with a backdrop of a library setting with books on a shelf
collection of spiral bound reports overlapping each other on a table


Applied Sociology 

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition, Volume 1, 2015 Elsevier Ltd 

Toward an Understanding of Food Pantry Food Recipients and the Agencies that Serve Them 

Journal of Applied Social Science, Vol. 9 No. 1, Fall 2013

It's Not Just Black and White: The Emergence of the Hispanic and Asian Communities in Northeast Florida

Journal of Applied Social Science, Vol. 4 No. 2, Fall 2010


Community Research Tactics and Social Change
Assessing Needs and Assets in an Inner City Neighborhood

Doing Sociology: Case Studies in Sociological Practice/Chapter 8

2008 Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology Presidential Address 
Three "Great Truths" Facing AACS: The Problems, Practicality and Promise of Applied Sociology

Journal of Applied Social Science, Volume 3/Number 1/Spring 2009

Florida's Changing Rainbow: Identifying Emerging Markets through the Examination Racial Composition and Demographic Change in Florida
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Understanding and Preparing for the Emerging Diversity in the Workplace
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Flower Power: Assessing the impact of the Magnolia Project on Reducing Poor Birth Outcomes in an At-Risk Neighborhood
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Mobilizing Communities for Teen Pregnancy Prevention: Associations Between Coaltion Characteristics and Perceived Accomplishments
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Does Religiosity Affect Perceptions of Racism in the New South?
Sociation Today: Volume 3, Number 2, Fall 2005

The Song Remains the Same: The Resistance of Racial Attitudes and Perceptions to Change Over Time
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TV or Not TV?: The Impact of the Removal of Television on Assaultive Behavior in a Juvenile Detention Center
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Social Isolation in a Southern City: Social Dislocation and Community in Jacksonville
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God Helps Those who Help Themselves?: The Effects of Religious Affiliation, Religiosity, and Deservedness on Generosity Toward the Poor
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Political Ideology and Political Action in the New Christian Right
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