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Biomedical Sciences at UNF
DNA molecules wrapped around cells

Biomedical Sciences Program Seminars

The University of North Florida, Department of Biology, has a Biology Lecture Series during the fall and spring semesters. The seminars occur on Fridays, 3:00-4:00pm. The location of the seminar will be in Building 59, Biological Sciences Building, Lecture Hall 1701.

Biomedical Sciences Seminar Topics at the Department of Biology

January 17: Drug Development presentation by, Ken Laali, UNF Chemistry Dept.

January 24: Nutrition and the Microbiome presentation by, Andrea Arakawa, UNF Nutrition Dept.

January 31: Whole Genome Sequencing presentation by, Anna Chockalingam, Genome 2 Genome

February 7: Bacterial Biofilms presentation by, Sarah Dilello, Next Science Inc.

February 14: Colon Cancer presentation by, Sunil Krishnan, Mayo Clinic

March 13: Mayo Clinic BRINC Program presentation by, Judy Ochrietor and others

March 27: Regeneration in animals presentation by, Gonzalo Quirogas Artigas, UF Whitney Lab

April 3: Dental Pathology presentation by, Austin Belknap, UF

April 17: Bio terrorism presentation by, Phil Lee, Fl. Dept. of Public Health