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Post-Bacc Pre-Med Certificate Program

Program Overview

The UNF Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Certificate Program is ideal for individuals who wish to change careers and pursue a graduate degree in the health professions.


The program provides students who have a Bachelor's degree in a non-science field an opportunity to take the necessary pre-requisite courses to be eligible for admission to the following professional programs: medicine, dentistry, optometry, physician assistance, pharmacy, podiatry, and veterinary medicine.


The main benefit to enrollment in this Certificate Program is priority status for UNF course registration, which will ensure that the coursework can be completed in a timely manner.


This is NOT a remedial program. Applicants must have already obtained a Bachelor's degree in a non-science field with a GPA of 3.2 or greater. To remain in good standing, students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or greater. A Certificate of Completion will be issued by the UNF Registrar to students who have completed at least 30 credits at UNF and have maintained the expected GPA while in the Program.


Please note that there are no student loan options for non-degree-seeking students within the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Certificate Program. Students requiring student loans to pay for coursework are encouraged to apply to UNF as a post-baccalaureate student within the Chemistry pre-med program. Those students do not have priority status for UNF course registration and will be assigned to the Biology Advisor for academic advising. They are encouraged to meet with the UNF Biomedical Advisor (Dr. Beth Stotz-Potter, Ph.D.) prior to applying to professional programs.

Certificate Requirements

The practice of medicine is based on modern biology, chemistry, and physics. Candidates for medical professional schools must study in these disciplines to:

  • confirm their interest in and capacity for advanced study in medical science
  • enable professional schools to judge their potential for success in medicine
  • meet requirements of state laws governing licensure
    Minimum requirements for admission to professional schools are not uniform. Also, many schools recommend, but do not require, additional courses such as calculus, statistics, advanced biology courses, English, humanities, economics, psychology, and social science courses. Students should ascertain the minimum and recommended courses of professional schools to which they plan to apply well in advance of planning their undergraduate studies.


UNF Post-Bacc Pre-Med Certificate Program does not follow a pre-designed schedule of courses. Each student is allowed to proceed at his/her own pace.

The courses needed to fulfill pre-requisites for professional programs include:

  • General Chemistry I* / General Chemistry I lab (CHM 2045 / CHM 2045L)
  • General Chemistry II / General Chemistry II lab (CHM 2046 / CHM 2046L)
  • Organic Chemistry I / Organic Chemistry I lab (CHM 2210 / CHM 2210L)
  • Organic Chemistry II / Organic Chemistry II lab (CHM 2211 / CHM 2211L)
  • General Biology I with lab (BSC 1010C)
  • General Biology II with lab (BSC 1011C)
  • Algebra-based Physics I* / Algebra-based Physics I lab (PHY 2053 / PHY 2053L)
  • Algebra-based Physics II / Algebra-based Physics II lab (PHY 2054 / PHY 2054L)
  • Calculus* (MAC 2311)

Please note that coursework must be done in succession. That is to say that General Biology I MUST precede General Biology II. The General Chemistry series MUST precede the Organic Chemistry series.


There is an opportunity for students to take upper-level coursework as well, including Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Genetics, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Biochemistry. Approval is given by the course instructor, on an individual basis.


*These courses require pre-requisite coursework. For General Chemistry I, the student must have taken high school chemistry and college algebra (MAC 1105). If high school chemistry was not completed with a grade of B or higher, the student must first complete the Intro to Chemistry course with lab (CHM 1025/CHM 1025L). For Algebra-based Physics I, the student must have taken high school physics and Pre-calculus (MAC 1147; or college algebra [MAC 1105] and trigonometry [MAC 1114]). If high school physics was not completed with a grade of B or higher, the student must first complete the Intro to Physics course with lab (PHY 1020/PHY 1020L). For Calculus, pre-calculus (MAC 1147 or MAC1105 and MAC 1114) must first be completed.

Application process

To apply to the program, the applicant must submit the following:

  • Online UNF application Apply as an undergraduate; Select "Certificate" for enrollment type and "Pre-med Certificate" as the major.
  • Post-Bacc Pre-Med Certificate application  
  • Transcripts of all post-secondary academic work (official copies to UNF, unofficial copies to the Biomedical Program)
  • Two letters of recommendation delivered in sealed envelopes, at least one from a former university or college professor. Applicants who have received a graduate degree (M.S., Ph.D., J.D.) or have been out of college for more than 10 years, may substitute a character reference for the faculty reference.
  • Résumé, two pages maximum
  • Personal statement concerning the applicant's career goals and motivation for entering the UNF Post-Bacc Pre-Med Certificate Program

Once all the application materials are received by UNF Application Services and the Biomedical Program, a decision will be made, and the applicant will be notified. Please refer to the UNF application deadlines to receive priority registration status for the first semester of enrollment.


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