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Biomedical Sciences Faculty

College of Arts & Sciences: Department of Biology

Dr. Doria Bowers 

Mosquito borne viruses, microscopy/ histology, infections diseases and barriers, diagnostics, virus variants, public health, trafficking 


Dr. Dale Casamatta

Cyanobacteria, systematics, 16SrDNA, novel biodiversity, harmful algal blooms, microbial ecology, phylogenetics.


Bacterial Pathogenesis, antibiotic resistance, nosocomial infections, innate immunity, and membrane biochemistry
Functional morphology, biomechanics, anatomy, feeding in vertebrates, biomimetics 
Biology of aging, lifespan, nutrition, physiology, insect models, effects of reproduction on lifespan 
Protein analysis, enzyme function, molecular biology, yeast physiology 
Cancer, bioinformatics, data mining, drug discovery and design, personalized medicine 
Cellular metabolism, Neural retina, innate immunity, molecular biology, biochemistry 
Cancer Biology, Proteomics, drug discovery and design, biomarker discovery, molecular Biology 
Evolutionary developmental biology, comparative genomics, body plan evolution, phylogenetics​ 


Dr. Candice Tahimic 

Biology of bone loss, bioinformatics, cardiovascular responses to spaceflight, genetic engineering, human physiology, musculoskeletal disuse models, simulating microgravity and space radiation on Earth, spaceflight as a model for aging and disease on Earth    


Skeletal Muscle Atrophy, sarcopenia, aging, molecular, cellular and genetic mechanisms of muscle wasting, genome-wide expression analysis, gene regulation 

College of Arts & Sciences: Department of Chemistry

Dr. Bryan Knuckley

Chemical biology, drug design, high throughput screening, assay development, enzyme kinetics, enzyme mechanisms 


Dr. Ken Laali 

Synthesis of novel curcuminoids as potential anti-tumor drugs, organofluorine chemistry and synthesis of fluorinated analogs of pharmaceuticals, Application of Ionic Liquids as novel solvents and catalysts for organic synthesis and green chemistry, Development of new synthetic methods and their application.


Dr. Amy Lane 

Drug discovery, marine natural product, biosynthesis, marine microbiology, chemical ecology, metabolomics


Dr. Hannah Malcolm

 Mechanosensation, bacterial mechanosensitive ion channels, the mechanosensitive channel of small conductance (MscS), patch clamp electrophysiology


College of Arts & Sciences:  Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Beyza Aslan

Mathematical Modeling, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Data Analysis/data modeling, rare genetic metabolic disorders, diagnostics 


Dr. Michelle R. DeDeo

Computational Science, Analytic Number Theory, Number theoretic approaches to Graph Theory, Complex Analysis, Biostatistics, computational neuroscience


Dr. Tyler Grimes

Graphical modeling of gene expression; inferences on gene regulatory networks; differential network analysis; prediction modeling; statistical computing and software development; high-dimensional data analysis.


College of Arts & Sciences: Department of Physics

Dr. Lev Gasparov

Materials Science, Raman Spectroscopy, Surface Enhancer Raman Scattering (SERS), Sensors, Thin Films, Correlated Electron Systems 


Dr. Jason Haraldsen 

Density Functional Theory, Atomistic and Quantum Modeling, Correlation Dynamics, Biotechnology, DNA translocation, Medical Theory and Mechanism 


Dr. Gregory Wurtz 

Plasmonics, nanomaterial sensors, nonlinear optical microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, metamaterials, nano-optics


College of Arts & Sciences: Department of Psychology 

Dr. Lisa Byrge

Neuroimaging, functional MRI, autism, developmental cognitive neuroscience, computational neuroscience, brain networks.


Dr. Katherine Hooper

Behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, dopamine receptors, striatum, teaching and testing methodologies


Dr. Lori J. Lange

The human-environment interaction, perceptions and health, Accuracy of symptom, health, and illness appraisals, behavioral, emotional and mental response in victims of a technological disaster

Coggin College of Business

Dr. Andres A. Gallo

International Economics, economic development, Latin America Economies, institutional economics, political economy, property rights, government regulation, law and economics, international business


College of Computing, Engineering & Construction


School of Computing

Dr. Sanjay P. Ahuja

Cloud and Fog Computing, Internet of Things, Cyber security, cryptography, Performance analysis and capacity planning of high-availability and high-performance distributed systems, Reliability and performance analysis, modeling, and simulation of computer networks, Applications of the Genetic Algorithm (GA) 


Dr. Indika Kahanda

Biomedical Natural Language Processing, bioinformatics, pangenomics, computational functional genomics, mental health informatics, quality assurance of bioinformatics software. 

School of Engineering

Dr. Juan Aceros

Nanotechnology, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Insulating Biomaterials, Biomedical Devices, Neural Prosthetics, Assistive Technologies, Biomedical Sensors and Stimulators, Human Interface Devices. 


Dr. Mona Nasseri

Physiological Sensors and wearable devices; Machine-based learning and signal processing methods; Seizure forecasting and detection

Materials Science and Engineering Research Facility (MSERF)

Dr. Albina Mikhaylova

Biomaterials; biomedical engineering; biocompatibility; antimicrobials


Brooks College of Health

Nutrition & Dietetics

Dr. Andrea Y. Arikawa

Nutrition and lifestyle, inflammation, oxidative stress, chronic diseases, obesity, cancer, gut microflora, dietary factors.


Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences

Dr. Chitra Lakshmi K Balasubramanian

Gait assessment, Gait rehabilitation, Stroke rehabilitation, Elderly/aging, Falls, Neurophysiology, Neuroplasticity


Dr. Mary S. Lundy

Pediatric Physical Therapy, Quality of life for children with developmental disabilities, Neuro-Developmental Therapy, mobility and cortical visual impairment, adaptive technology, Adaptive Sport for Military Veterans.


Public Health

Dr. Amber N. Barnes

Global Health, Zoonoses, One Health, WASH, Food and Waterborne Pathogens, Enteric Parasites, Gender and Livestock Husbandry

The Mayo Clinic

Courtesy Faculty Appointments in UNF Department of Biology 


Dr. Santanu Bhattacharya

Targeted drug delivery, Pancreatic cancer, Nanomedicine, Biosensor, Biomechanics, Extracellular vesicles


Dr. Katelyn Bruno 

Cardiology, inflammation, sex differences, translational research, cardio-oncology, regenerative medicine  


Dr. Thomas Caulfield

Deep Learning/Machine Learning, De Novo drug design, Molecular modeling, Simulations, Conformational biasing algorithms, Adaptive informatics for database driven personalized medicine


Dr. DeLisa Fairweather

Cardiology, inflammation, sex differences, translational research, cardio-oncology, regenerative medicine  


Dr. Hugo Guerrero-Cazares, M.D., Ph.D. 

Brain tumors; Neurogenesis; Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM); Architecture of the human subventricular zone; Neural progenitor and brain tumor cell migration


Dr. Verline Justilien

Lung cancer, tumor models, cancer initiation and progression, biomarker discovery, therapeutic targeting, cell signaling


Sunil Krishnan, M.B.B.S., M.D.

Radiotherapy, gastrointestinal cancer, gold nanoparticles, immunotherapy


Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, M.D.

Brain tumors and cell migration; healthcare disparities and clinical outcomes for neurosurgical patients; motor and speech mapping during surgery; personalized medicine 


Dr. Evette Radisky

Tumor progression and metastasis, proteases and protease inhibitors, protein engineering, structural enzymology, molecular recognition, drug discovery and design


Dr. Owen A. Ross

Movement disorders, Parkinson's disease, Lewy body dementia, aging, neurogenomics, bioinformatics


Marka van Blitterswijk, M.D., Ph.D.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), genomics, bioinformatics, long-read sequencing, single-cell RNA sequencing, brain organoids 


Gene 2 Genome

Dr. Anna Chockalingam, DVM, PhD.

Clinical Cytogenetics, Reproductive Genetics, Late Onset Genetic Disorders, Comparative Genomics, Bioinformatics for Biodiscovery, Innate Immunity

Johnson & Johnson Vision

Courtesy Faculty Appointments in UNF Department of Biology


Dr. Bailin Liang

Inflammation, immunology, autoimmunity, contact lens, biomarker, and dry eye