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Biomedical Sciences Program Advising

Biomedical Sciences Advisor

The role of the Biomedical Advisor is to provide guidance on your journey to advanced biomedical programs and biomedical jobs. The advisor cannot get you a job or get you into these programs. That is your job! The advisor can advise, make sure you are on track to be a competitive applicant, submit letter of recommendation packets for schools and provide support as you work towards your goals. The advisor will also have difficult conversations with some students about alternative career options. The advisor is here to help you help yourself.


It is important for you as a Biomedical students to meet with the Biomedical Advisor, Dr. Beth Stotz-Potter, throughout your academic career and during the process of applying to Biomedical Schools. Dr. Stotz-Potter is a member of the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAPH) and can provide you with up-to-date information and tips for a successful application. Email Dr. Stotz-Potter for an appointment.


The Biomedical Advisor is NOT an Academic Advisor. Freshman and sophomores receive Academic Advising through First Year Advising (2/1200). Junior and senior Biology majors receive Academic Advising through the Biology Advisor. Junior and Senior Chemistry & Physics majors receive advising through the Physics and Chemistry Advisor.


Contact the Biomedical Sciences Advisor: Elizabeth Stotz-Potter Ph.D.

Office: 59/3302 Email:


BOOK AN APPOINTMENT using this link

Biomedical Sciences Program Canvas Page

There is a self enrolling Biomedical Program Canvas page that the Biomedical Advisor uses to communicate with students. The Biomedical Program Canvas page contains information specific to different types of Biomedical Schools (Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Osteopathic Medicine, Physicians Assistant, etc).


Enroll in the Biomedical Sciences Program Canvas Page.

Student and Faculty Forms

There are several forms that need to be completed if you need the Biomedical Sciences Advisor to submit a letter package for you. Please discuss the necessary paperwork with the advisor first.


The forms are available online at the following link: BIOMEDICAL STUDENT FORMS