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UNF Limnology Students perform field work at Lake Oneida.
Salt marsh
Oyster beds
Students and professor working with a Benthic tray
gator hatchling
entire class crossing florida creek
Two Herons

Kelly J. Smith

Associate Professor

Phone: (904) 620-1954

Building 59/1314


Faculty Bio

Research Interests

Coastal fish ecology, salt marsh and estuarine ecology, restoration biology, aquatic biology

Areas of Expertise

Teaching responsibilities: Ichthyology, Field Studies in Marine Science, Restoration Ecology, Limnology, General Biology II, Oceanography


B.S. (Biology) State University of New York, College at Oswego (1987)

Ph.D. (Ecology and Evolution) Rutgers University (1995)


I have always had a strong interest in human impacts on ecological systems, and have been involved in ecological restoration projects multiple estuarine systems such as Delaware Bay and the Hackensack Meadowlands near New York City.


My current research interests focus on juvenile fish ecology in estuarine environments. I am especially interested in the interaction between the role different living habitats such as oyster reef, salt marsh, and mangrove systems have on fish and benthic macro-faunal assemblages. I am currently investigating the effects of different methods of shoreline restoration on fish habitat use and abundance. Much of my research has direct implications for management and conservation of estuarine habitats and resources.