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Colorful Lionfish

Shark Ecology (ZOO 4559L)

Credits: 3
When offered: Summer Session C (May 8-Aug 2, 2019)
Prerequisites: None
Instructor permission required: Yes
Total class size: 10
Additional fees: None
Contact for additional information: Dr. Jim Gelsleichter (


Have you always wanted to work on sharks? UNF’s Shark Ecology field course is a 12-week, field-intensive course in which students become full-fledged members of the UNF Shark Biology Program, contributing to our now over 10-year annual survey of shark populations in northeast Florida. Every week between Monday and Thursday, each student will devote one entire day to field research; catching, tagging, and releasing sharks to study their abundance and movement patterns. Every Friday, all students meet together to attend talks on shark research, participate in laboratory exercises such as shark identification workshops and dissections, or attend field trips to other shark research facilities in Florida.