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Colorful Lionfish

Dolphin Behavioral Ecology (BSC 4930L)

Credits: 4
When offered: Summer Session A (May 8-June 18, 2019)
Prerequisites: BSC 2012C
Instructor permission required: Yes
Total class size: 9
Additional fees: None
Contact for additional information: Dr. Quincy Gibson (


The St. Johns River estuary is home to a resident population of “urban” bottlenose dolphins that the UNF Dolphin Research team has been monitoring since 2011. Doing so enables us to study their complex social lives, which are surprisingly similar to humans, as well as the factors that may be impacting the population’s health and survival. In the 6-week Dolphin Behavioral Ecology course, students become part of the program team and devote one entire day per week (Tues or Th) to field research; non-invasively tracking individual dolphins over time using the shape and scar patterns of their dorsal fins. Every Wednesday, all student meet together for lectures on dolphin behavioral research.