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UNF Limnology Students perform field work at Lake Oneida.
Salt marsh
Oyster beds
Students and professor working with a Benthic tray
gator hatchling
entire class crossing florida creek
Two Herons

The Biology Seminar Series

The Biology Seminar Series occurs every Friday during the fall and spring semester. Lectures begin at 3:00PM in the Building Building 59, Lecture hall 1701. Lectures are free and open to the campus community.


Date, Topic, Speaker

January 17: Drug Development presented by, Ken Laali, UNF Chemistry Dept.

January 24: Nutrition and the Microbiome presented by, Andrea Arakawa, UNF Nutrition Dept.

January 31: Whole Genome Sequencing presented by, Anna Chockalingam, Genome 2 Genome

February 7: Bacterial Biofilms presented by, Sarah Dilello, Next Science Inc.

February 14: Colon Cancer presented by, Sunil Krishnan, Mayo Clinic

February 21: Salamanders presented by, Jacki Guzy, USGS

February 28: Oysters and Bioremediation presented by, Jane Caffrey, UWF

March 6: Evolution of Genitals presented by, Marty Cohn, UF

March 13: Mayo Clinic BRINC Program presented by, Judy Ochrietor and others

March 20: Spring Break, No Class

March 27: Regeneration in animals presented by, Gonzalo Quirogas Artigas, UF Whitney Lab

April 3: Dental Pathology presented by, Austin Belknap, UF

April 10: Development of Marine Invertebrates presented by, Allison Edgar, UF Whitney Lab

April 17: Bioterrorism presented by, Phil Lee, Fl. Dept. of Public Health

April 24: To be announced