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UNF Italy: Art, History and Culture
May 10 – June 20, 2016



The Department of Art and Design is organizing its Art, Photography and Art History in Italy study abroad program for the seventh consecutive year. The dates of the program are scheduled in Summer C from May 10th, (departure from the US) with return on June 20th, 2016.


Professors Kally Malcom (photography), Jim Draper (painting and museum studies) and Dr. Debra Murphy (Art History) will lead the 2015 UNF Italy program. Classes in Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture (ARH 3302),Ancinet Roman Art and architecture (ARH 3150), introductory and advanced levels of photography (PGY 3930) and painting/drawing (ART 3930), and Art History on Site (ARH 3955) are offered. The majority of classes are taught in the rich urban fabric of the cities of Rome, Florence and the archeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, utilizing museums, churches and monuments. Classes will be held in the Roman Forum, the Vatican and Capitoline Museums, the Coliseum, the Uffizi and Accademia in Florence and many more important sites.


Special visits to Tuscany will begin the program with a stay in the medieval hill town of Massa Marittima. This will provide an introduction to Italian culture and contrasts to the larger urban centers.  In Massa Marittima students will visit the studios of two contemporary artists and learn about the history of this beautiful location.


The program size will be capped at 25 students. A 2.8 GPA and at least a sophomore standing are required for admission into the program. Students are accepted on a first come-first served basis. All majors are welcome but students are encouraged to have taken ARH 2000, ARH 2050 or ARH 2051 prior to departure. Dr. Murphy, the academic director of the program, approves all applicants. Pricing and costs will be available in October and informational meetings will be held on October 28th at 5pm in 45/2807 and at 6pm in 45D/1032 (the photography building).



For additional information, please contact


For information contact Dr. Murphy at , Professor Kally Malcom at or 904-620-4039 ( for information regarding photo courses) or Jim Draper at or 904-620-2534 (for information regarding drawing and painting courses) or contact the Department of Art and Design at (904) 620-4037. 




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