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etching into wood by student

Meet the Art, Art History, and Design Faculty and Staff


Name Position Phone Office Email
Alex Diaz, M.F.A. Associate Professor 904-620-4037 45D/1022
Amy Bennion, M.F.A Assistant Professor  904-620-4037 45/2511 
Andrew Kozlowski, M.F.A. Assistant Professor 904-620-5526 45/2017
Blake Coglianese, M.F.A. Associate Professor 904-620-3802 45/2508
Chris Trice, M.F.A. Associate Professor 904-620-4037 45D/1028
Claudia Scaff, M.F.A. Associate Professor 904-620-3817 45/2512
David Begley, M.F.A. Department Chair, Associate Professor 904-620-3816 45/2024
Debra L. Murphy, Ph.D. Professor 904-620-1766 45/2507
Elizabeth Heuer, Ph.D. Associate Professor 904-620-3801 45/2803
Elizabeth Nabi, M.F.A. Associate Professor 904-620-1767 45/2708
Jason John, M.F.A. Associate Professor 904-620-4037 45/2894
Jenny Hager, M.F.A. Professor 904-620-4687 6/1304
Jessica Borusky M.F.A Gallery Director and Instructor 904-620-4037 2/1001
Kally Malcom, M.F.A. Associate Professor 904-620-4039 45D1024
Lance Vickery, M.F.A. Assistant Professor 904-620-5062 6/1308
Lisa West, M.A. Instructor 904-620-5382 45/2706
Scott Brown, Ph.D. Professor 904-620-4037 45/2016
Sheila Goloborotko, M.F.A. Associate Professor 904-620-4037 45/2019
Stephen Heywood, M.F.A. Professor 904-620-3815 45/2015
Trevor Dunn, M.F.A. Associate Professor 904-620-3960 45/2014
Vanessa Cruz, M.F.A. Professor 904-620-3833 45/2509


Name Position Department Area
Amanda Campbell Sculpture/Ceramics Technician

Art, Art History, and Design

 Kat Tarbet    Teaching Laboratory Specialist/Photography

Art, Art History, and Design

  Administrative Secretary Art, Art History, and Design
Tamra Conner Office Manager Art, Art History, and Design