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umbrella levitating over a bench

Peter Scott Brown, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Medieval Art History 

Phone: (904) 620-4037

Office: Building 45, Room 2016


Faculty Bio


BA, Bard College, 1997

MA, History of Art, Yale University, 2003

MPhil, History of Art, Yale University, 2003

PhD, History of Art, Yale University, 2004 


Scott Brown is a specialist in medieval art history with particular focuses on Romanesque sculpture and the liturgical and popular receptions of medieval art. Dr. Brown received his doctorate in the History of Art in 2004 from Yale University. His research and publications address topics including the origins of medieval architectural sculpture, architectural sculpture and liturgy, spolia in medieval art, epigraphy in medieval sculpture, the restoration of medieval sculpture, and iconographies of women and the profane. Dr. Brown joined the faculty of the University of North Florida in 2005 and teaches widely on the critical interpretation of art and on the art of the Middle Ages and early modern period in courses including Art Appreciation, Medieval Art and Architecture, Romanesque Art, Northern Renaissance and Northern Baroque Art, and the Apocalypse in Art.