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etching into wood by student


 Program of Study UNF Catalog 


In the ceramics program both handbuilding and wheelthrowing techniques are taught. To help the student gain success with the medium a broad knowledge of technical skill, aesthetic awareness and craftsmanship are addressed. Focus is given to the principles and elements of design and the design process.


Students are introduced to as many facets of the ceramic medium as possible through lectures, visiting artists, assignments, personal research, and individual exploration. Advanced ceramic students and ceramic majors are encourages to explore new ideas as they work towards developing a personal body of work.


Students participate in the “Empty Bowls” Community Based Transformational learning opportunity and are encouraged to participate in the University Potters’ Guild.

Facilities information

The ceramics studio is equipped with:

  • 16 Brent CXC Electric Pottery Wheels
  • 1 Lockerbie kick wheel
  • SR-20 mid-sized floor model Brent slab roller
  • North Star manual extruder
  • Bailey electric kiln SPB 2327
  • L&L electric kiln e28T
  • Evenheat electric kiln 4320 LT
  • Bailey downdraft car kiln SH Pro 40
  • Sprung arch down draft soft brick kiln
  • Small test gas kiln
  • Complete clay and glaze mixing facilities
  • Peter Pugger pm-100 clay mixer and pugger
  • Bluebird clay mixer