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Reasons to Visit College of Arts and Sciences Advising

As soon as you receive your letter of admissions to UNF, you are encouraged to contact the Advising Office to arrange to meet with an academic advisor.


College of Arts & Sciences has a mandatory advising policy which requires all students to meet with an advisor during their first semester. A hold will be placed on your account preventing registration at the end of your first semester if you have not met with an advisor.  Arrangements for advising may be made by contacting (904) 620-2797.


When should you see an advisor?

  • You are admitted to UNF to obtain the required Program of Study.
  • You want an update of your Program of Study and/or you Academic Roadmap.
  • You have been placed on Dean's Hold.
  • You want to declare or change your minor.
  • You want to declare or change your double major or dual/simultaneous degree.
  • You need assistance in selecting courses for a particular semester.
  • You want to take a course at another institution.
  • You have been placed on academic probation or suspension.
  • You are ready for a graduation check.
  • You have questions concerning UNF policies and procedures.
  • You need to confirm prerequisites completed at another institution before visiting the academic department for prerequisite signature approval.
  • You have other questions or concerns and want your advisor's input.
  • You want referral information to: start your career search, to find a tutor, to talk to a faculty member, to learn about internship opportunities, to have courses reviewed, to seek language placement, to dispute a course grade assignment, to learn about pre-professional services and programs offered at UNF, or to obtain any other type of referral to student affairs areas.

"I am just very thankful to each person who helped in getting me to this point. Its been an awesome journey and just again very thankful to be finishing what I started." - COAS Graduating Senior