College of Arts & Sciences Majors

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Department or Program 


Department of Art & Design

(904) 620-4037 

Art (B.A.)

  • Art History

  • Painting/Drawing and Printmaking

  • Ceramics

  • Sculpture

Fine Arts (B.F.A.)  

  •  Painting/Drawing and Printmaking
  • Ceramics
  • Sculpture
  • Graphic Design and Digital Media (Limited Access Program)
  • Photography

Department of Biology

(904) 620-2830 

Biology (B.S.) (Limited Access Program)

  • Coastal Environmental Science
  • Coastal Biology
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Molecular and Cell Biology and Biotechnology
  • Biomedical Sciences

Graduate Programs:


Biology (M.A & M.S.)



Department of Chemistry

(904) 620-3504

Chemistry (B.S.)

  • General Chemistry
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Pre-Medical Professions

Department of Communication  

(904) 620-2650 

Communication (B.S.)
  • Advertising
  • Electronic Media
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice (904) 620-1724 

Criminal Justice (B.A.)


Graduate Programs:


Criminal Justice (M.S.)



Department of Economics

(904) 620-2641 

Economics (B.A.) Offered in conjunction with the Coggin College of Business Administration



Department of English

(904) 620-2273 

English (B.A.)


English (drama track) (B.A.)


Graduate Programs:


English (M.A.)



Department of History

(904) 620-2886 

History (B.A.)



Graduate Programs:


History (M.A.)

    European History (with Thesis)

    European History (Non-Thesis)

    U.S. History (with Thesis)

    U.S. History (Non-Thesis)



International Studies Program

(904) 620-1931








International Studies (B.A.)

  • Asian Studies
  • European Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Middle East and African Studies
  • International Relations & Comparative Politics
  • Foreign Language and Culture


Department of Mathematics and Statistics (904) 620-2653 

Mathematics (B.A & B.S.)


Mathematics Discrete Analysis (B.S.)


Statistics (B.A & B.S.)


Graduate Programs:


Mathematics (M.S.)


Statistics (M.S.)



Department of Music 

(904) 620-2960 

Music Jazz Studies (B.M.) (Limited Access Program)


Music (B.A.) (Limited Access Program)


Music Education (B.M.E.) (Limited Access Program)


Music Performance (B.M.) (Limited Access Program)



Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies (904) 620-1330 

Philosophy (B.A.)  

  • Philosophy-Advanced Studies
  • Philosophy-Applied Ethics
  • Philosophy-Historical and Comparative
  • Philosophy-General Philosophical Studies
  • Philosophy-Literacy and Cultural
  • Philosophy-Legal, Political and Social Studies

Graduate Programs:


Practical Philosophy and Applied Ethics (M.A.)



Department of Physics

(904) 620-2729 

Physics (B.S.)
  • Physics-Astrophysics
  • Physics-Civil Engineering
  • Physics-Computing Emphasis
  • Physics-Electrical Engineering
  • Physics-General 
  • Physics-Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics-Pre-Medical Physics 

Department of Political Science & Public Administration

(904) 620-2977 

Political Science (B.A.)
  • American Politics
  • International Relations & Comparative Politics
  • General Political Science
  • Public Law
  • Public Administration and Public Policy
  • Political Science (Fast Track to MPA) (B.A)

Graduate Programs:


Public Administration (M.P.A.)



Department of Psychology

(904) 620-2807 

Child Psychology (B.A. & B.S.)


General Psychology (B.A. & B.S.)


Graduate Programs:


General Psychology (M.A.)



Department of Sociology and Anthropology  (904) 620-2850 

Anthropology (B.A.) 


Sociology (B.A.)

  • Sociology
  • Social Welfare

Department of World Languages

(904) 620-2282 

French Studies (B.A.)


Spanish (B.A.)


College of Arts & Sciences Minors


Africa Diaspora/African American Studies  International Studies
Anthropology Latin American Studies
Art-History Mass Communication
Art-Photography Mathematics
Art-Painting, Drawing, Printmaking Metropolitan & Urban Studies
Asian Studies Music History
Biology Philosophy-General
Chemistry Philosophy-Applied Ethics
Classical Civilization Philosophy-Culture & Philosophy
Communication Studies Philosophy-Law & Philosophy
Creative Writing Physics
Criminal Justice Political Science
Drama Psychology
Economics Public Administration
English Religious Studies
Environmental Studies Social Welfare
Film Studies Sociology
French Spanish
Gender Studies Statistics



Minors Available from Brooks College of Health; Coggin College of Business; College of Computing, Engineering and Construction; and College of Education and Human Services



Business Administration Electrical Engineering
Computer Science Geography
Education: American Sign Language/Deaf Studies Health Sciences (Public Health)
Education: Professional Education Information Sciences
Education: Sports Management