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LEAP: Keys to Success

The Advising Office strives to empower our students with advising support, information and enrichment to facilitate understanding of their degree requirements and to meet the challenges and rigors of their academic majors. We strongly believe that all students can succeed. To support this idea, we encourage the following:

  • Realize that personal responsibility is the ultimate indicator of success.
  • Always be prepared. Read book assignments in advance, complete prerequisite courses, take thorough notes, review lecture notes, finish course assignments in advance, and meet deadlines.
  • Study, study, study. The rule for successful study is 3 hours of study time for each hour of time spent in class.
  • Use a planner. Develop a schedule each term to include all commitments, such as work, family, study, etc. Stick to your schedule!
  • Get to know your instructor. Talk to your instructor when concerns arise, when suggestions are needed for improvement, or to learn more about opportunities in the department or career field.
  • Select courses from a variety of instructors and not just specific faculty member recommended by other students. Exposure yourself to other ideas and philosophies.
  • Embrace your major. Select courses of personal interest to you.
  • Attendance, attendance, attendance. You will not know what is going on unless you are there.
  • Get help when needed! Seek academic support services, i.e., tutoring, advising, study skills, etc. These services are available through the Student Academic Success Services to help you succeed.
  • Develop a course load with which you are comfortable. You are the best judge of your own time and commitments.
  • Enjoy your educational experience and consider it a life achievement.