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LEAP: Ability & Energy

First and foremost, you must possess the ability and energy to succeed. Ability helps us to concentrate. If your thinking is clouded by stress, drugs or alcohol, personal or social crises, lack of esteem or any number of negative factors, your ability to comprehend and retain will likely be impacted. Your level of energy may also suffer.

How does one acquire ability? Well first we must understand that our abilities are the things we are capable of doing. They are the resources we use to accomplish what is needed. They are also the talents and qualities that make us worthwhile. If you view ability from a holistic perspective, you would see a collective force of energy. This same energy fortifies and guides our abilities. 

So what is the formula for ability? Its a collection of our resources, talents, qualities, worthiness and capabilities.

ACTIVITY: List some of your abilities. Think of your resources, talents, qualities, worthiness and capabilities to help you develop your list. The list can be as long or short as you desire.

Ability and Energy diagram - text above