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Aaron Leedy

Academic Advisor

Liaison Majors: Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Sociology, Social Work


I am excited to be your academic advisor for behavioral neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and social work. That is if your last name begins with A-K. Those whose last names begin with L-Z will meet with LeAnn Anderson-Vincecruz.

I have been a student at the University of North Florida (UNF) since 2002 where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in American Sign Language and Deaf studies. I then graduated with a Master of Arts in General Psychology from this university in 2012.

While both an undergraduate and graduate student at UNF, I was active in several research labs focusing on cognitive and evolutionary psychology. I have multiple publications and professional conference presentations due to the research opportunities I was afforded while in the department. As a student I was a member of (and still work with) Psi Chi and Active Minds, two different student organizations that benefit the community and provide wonderful extra-curricular experiences for students.

My undergraduate experience left me well suited for my graduate program, as it will for any student willing to take advantage of all that the University of North Florida has to offer. The degrees offered through the Psychology, Sociology and Social Work departments afford students a wealth of potentiality. The multiple degrees and concentrations within these programs further allow students to fine tune their skills for the future they want. From the STEM heavy focus of the Behavioral Neuroscience degree, to the community centered Social Work program, and everything in between, students can find majors, research, and community opportunities that will set them apart.

I am passionate about being involved with and informing students about the many aspects of the University of North Florida. I run an active research lab and encourage undergraduate students to engage in research at the undergraduate level. I am a big proponent of the support services we have on campus, such as the DRC and LGBT center. Please feel free to approach me at any time if you would like more information about these services. Additionally, I have been a part time faculty for the Psychology department since 2012. Feel free to approach me with any questions you may have about making the most of your time here in the departments of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work at the University of North Florida.

Your Academic Advisor,
Aaron Leedy, M.A. Psychology