Policies & Resources for Faculty

The following links have been collected together from across UNF and the College to assist Arts & Sciences faculty members.

Campus Resources

Crisis Management 

Counseling Center 

Disability Resource Center (ADA Policy, Disability Access Policy

International Center 

LGBT Resource Center 

Military & Veteran's Resource Center


One-Stop Student Services


Supporting Our Students (The SOS Team is comprised of faculty and staff whose role is to identify and intervene in situations involving students who may exhibit behaviors of concern) 

Women's Center

      -   24 Hour Crisis Helpline: (904) 620-1010, womenctr@unf.edu, (904) 620-2528

First Year Advising

Faculty & Personnel Policies

Academic Freedom Policy

Amorous or Sexual Relationship Policy   

Chairs of Departments Policies - Annual Review Policy, Term Review Policy  

Chairs of Departments Policies - Return to Faculty Policy 

Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy  

Collective Bargaining Agreement / Faculty Contract   

Conflict of Interest and Outside Employment Policy    

Constitution (UNF Constitution)  

Course Release Policy 

Equal Opportunity Programs (EOD):  Complaint and Investigaton Policy, Employment/Recruitment Procedures, Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy 

Faculty Handbook  

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

Human Resources : Hiring, Classification and Compensation, OASys

Overload Policy  

Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property Policy 

Program ReviewProgram Review Policy   

Promotion and Tenure (Faculty Contract/Collective Bargaining Agreement: tenure and promotion guidelines are listed in Articles 19 and 20)  

Sabbaticals and Leaves (Faculty Contract/Collective Bargaining Agreement: sabbaticals and leaves guidelines are listed in Articles 24 and 25)  

Separation from Employment Policy  

Sexual Harrassment Policy 

Faculty & Personnel Resources

Academic Affairs Development Grants ("Summer Grants")

 APC / Academic Programs Committee (of the Faculty Association) 

Collective Bargaining Agreement / Faculty Contract   

Constitution (UNF Constitution)  

Employee Educational Assistance Program Policy  

Faculty Association  

Faculty Awards   

Faculty Handbook

Graduate Faculty Membership and Review  

New Degree Proposal Policy  

Tenure and Promotion  (Faculty Contract/Collective Bargaining Agreement:: guidelines are listed in Articles 19 and 20)

Tuition Scholarship for Spouses and Dependents of Employees Policy  

Union / United Faculty of Florida 

General Information

Academic Calendar    

Accreditation and the QEP   

Campus MapCampus Directory 

Center for Community Based Learning

Commencement / Graduation

Final Exam Policy  (Section 11.14 of the Faculty Handbook) // Final Exam Schedule 

Food Services 

Health Services

Policies - The Full List   

Transformational Learning Opportunities  (TLOs)  

Tuition and Fees 

Student Policies (Graduate)

Credit Earned as a Post-baccalaureate Student 

Degree Completion Within Six Years  

Dismissing a Student 

Graduate GPA Construction 

Graduate Program Course Level 

Graduate Transfer Credit 

Independent Learning  

Readmission of Inactive Students 

Satisfactory Academic Progress 

Second Masters Residency 

Transient Student Admissions  

Student & Academic Policies (Undergraduate)

Academic Misconduct  (See Student Conduct below) 

Auditing Courses Policy    

Disruptive Behavior Policy  

Distance Learning Policy  

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
Grade Change Policy, Appealing a Grade Policy
Grade Forgiveness Policy, Term Forgiveness Policy
Plagiarism (see Student Conduct below)  

Posting of Grades Policy  

Religious Observances Policy

Residency Policy

Student Conduct:  Academic Integrity Code and Academic Misconduct Policies (including the Academic Misconduct Reporting Form), Student Conduct Code Policy (see Chapter 10 of the Student Handbook

Student Handbook 

Withdrawal PolicyMedical Withdrawal Policy