General Education Council and Faculty Resources

Curriculum Development and Assessment

UNF's General Education Council oversees the content and standards of the curriculum. This body includes elected faculty representatives from the fields central to the curriculum; representatives of each of the five academic colleges, appointed by their deans; and ex-officio members representing the Academic Center for Excellence; Admissions; Assessment; Student Government; and Undergraduate Studies. The Council meets regularly during the academic year to consider proposed changes to the curriculum, assessment of student learning, and other issues. 


The Council reviews new additions to the curriculum, and removal of courses, using these criteria. To propose an addition to the General Education Curriculum, faculty should first review the criteria and contact Dr. Krista Paulsen, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences to discuss the course. Proposals for new courses should be made using the template available here.


Each year, faculty assess student performance in General Education courses. This allows faculty, the General Education Council, and the University, to understand the degree to which our students are mastering the competencies central to the curriculum. A template for General Education assessment reporting and a model for completing the report can be found on the General Education Faculty Resources Canvas Group Site. Reports also detail the steps that faculty and programs are taking to improve student learning, whether through changes at the course level or through integration with other University resources. Course level results are aggregated each year in the General Education Assessment Report. 


General Education Council Minutes

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November 2016
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2018-19 General Education Council Meeting Schedule

Spring 2019 meetings will take place the second Friday of the month (January - April) at 10:00 a.m. in the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Conference Room (51/3201).


The Council is chaired by the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Krista Paulsen.

 Recent General Education Assessment Reports

2015-16 General Education Assessment Report
2016-17 General Education Assessment Report  


Faculty Resources

Faculty teaching in the General Education Program, or who wish to do so, should enroll in the General Education Faculty Resources Canvas Group Site. Here you will find information on proposing a General Education course, conducting course-level assessment of General Education outcomes, and find resources related to teaching and learning in General Education. Please email Dr. Krista Paulsen for an enrollment link.