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Past Research Enhancement Plan Awardees

A cooperative program between COAS and ORSP to encourage research and grant-proposal submissions in Arts and Sciences.

2017-18 Awardees:

  • Sarah Ainsworth (Psychology) -- course release -- “Social Rank Strategies and Cooperation in Groups”
  • Tiffany Baffour (Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work) -- research budget -- “Barriers and Facilitators to Accessing Mental Health Services among Medicaid Recipients Enrolled in Health Maintenance Organizations”
  • Alison Bruey (History) -- research budget -- “At World’s End: Disaster Development in Chile’s Ring of Fire, 1960-2010”
  • Joseph Butler (Biology) -- research budget -- “Survey of Diamondback Terrapin Nesting and Population Centers in Georgia”
  • Sheila Gologborotko (Art and Design) -- research budget -- “Hunterdone Art Museum: Installation Sistema and Multidisciplinary Video Synaesthesia
  • Joshua Melko (Chemistry) -- course release -- “Identifying Mechanisms of Methane to Methanol Conversion for Energy Applications”
  • David Waddell (Biology) -- research budget -- “lncRNAs in Skeletal Muscle”

2016-17 Awardees:

  • Natasha V Christie (Political Science and Public Administration) --research budget -- "Obama's Rhetoric: Confronting Race in the age of Post-Racialism"
  • Laura Heffernan (English) -- course release -- "The Teaching Archive: A New History of Literary Study"
  • Amy L Lane (Chemistry) -- research budget -- "Marine Natural Products as Inhibitors of Fungal Biofilms"
  • Hannah R Malcolm (Chemistry) -- course release -- "Identification of the pH Sensor in E. coli MscS"
  • David Sheffler (History) -- course release -- "The Myths of the Middle Ages"
  • Jenny Stuber (Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work) -- research budget -- "Precarity and Power: How the Middle Class Navigate Inequality amid Affluence"
  • Daniel J Watkins (History) -- research budget -- "The Making of Conservative Catholicism: Isaac-Joseph Berruyer, The Society of Jesus, and the Enlightenment in France, 1700-1830"

2015-16 Awardees:

  • Beyza Aslan (Mathematics and Statistics) --course release -- "Improving the Diagnostic Process for Late-Onset Patients with Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders"
  • Sheila Goloborotko (Art and Design) -- research budget -- "Public Art: 1001 Dreams"
  • Joshua Gellers (Political Science and Public Administration) -- research budget -- "The Developing World as the Dragon's Den: China's Role as an Emerging Donor"
  • Bryan Knuckley (Chemistry) -- course release -- "Cataloging Protein Modifications in Cancer"
  • Holly Miller (Criminology and Criminal Justice) -- course release -- "Substance Use Prevalence among U.S. Hispanics: An Examination of Nativity and Nation of Origin"
  • Susan Perez (Psychology) -- course release-- "Completing the Future-Oriented Decision-making (FODM)"
  • Shira Schwam-Baird (Languages, Literatures and Cultures) -- course release -- "Edition and Translation of Huon d' Auvergne, Pre-Modern Franco-Italian Epic"
  • Jillian Smith (English) -- course release -- "The Life of Lavilla: a Documentary Film Project Proposal"

2014-15 Awardees:

  • Julie Avery (Biology) --course release -- "Fat or Fit: Energetic Tradeoffs of Nutrient Partitioning in an Extreme Environment"
  • Scott Brown (Art and Design) -- research budget -- "The Monumentalist: Amatus of Oloron and the Romanesque Revival of Sculpture"
  • Elena Buzaianu (Mathematics and Statistics) -- course release -- "A Selection and Testing Procedure for Comparing Several Normal Means with a Control"
  • Timothy Donovan (English) -- course release -- "Regarding Forgiveness: Love Your Enemies? Forget Them"
  • Quincy Gibson (Biology) -- course release -- "Bottlenose Dolphin Calf Development within a Metropolitan Environment"
  • Erinn Gilson (Philosophy and Religious Studies) -- course release -- "The Perils and Privileges of Vulnerability; Racism, Mass Incarceration, and Social Justice"
  • Suzie Weng (Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work) -- research budget -- "Development of Asian-American Community Informal Support Networks in the South"
  • Jennifer Wesely (Criminology and Criminal Justice) -- research budget -- "Women’s Re-Entry: Self-Sufficiency after Incarceration"

2013-14 Awardees:

  • Dale Casamatta (Biology) --course release -- "Assembling the Tree of Life: Cyanobacteria"
  • Terri Ellis (Biology) -- research budget -- "Analyizing Outer Membranes of Disease Causing Bacteria"
  • Stephen Gosden (Music) -- course release -- "Role of Cadences in the Music of Sergei Rachmaninoff"
  • Jenny Hagar (Art & Design) -- research budget -- "International Sculpture Symposium"
  • Eric Johnson (Biology) -- course release -- "Feeding Ecology of Invasive Lionfish in Florida Estuaries"
  • Christos Lampropoulos (Chemistry) -- research budget -- "Developing a Versatile Platform for Synthesis of Molecular-Based Materials"
  • Amy Lane (Chemistry) -- research budget -- "Microbial Competition as an Activator of Natural Product Production"
  • Gordon Rakita (Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work) -- research budget -- "Processing and Analyzing Ground Penetrating Radar Data"
  • Daniel Santavicca (Physics) -- course release -- "Development of an Electron Beam Lithography System for Nanoscale Device Fabrication"
  • David Waddell (Biology) -- course release -- "Molecular Mechanisms of Skeletal Muscle Atrophy and the Associated Consequences of Muscle Wasting"

2012-13 Awardees:

  • Greg Ahearn (Biology) and James Gelsleichter (Biology) -- research budget -- "Is the Shark Spiral Valve a Nutrient Absorptive Organ?"
  • Greg Ahearn (Biology) and Amy Lane (Chemistry) -- research budget -- "Heavy Metals Stimulate Essential Amino Acid Absorption"
  • Keith Ashley (Sociology and Anthropology) -- research budget -- "Archaeological Research at the Mill Cove Complex"
  • Lev Gasparov (Physics) -- research budget -- "Development of the National Science Foundation Research Experience for the Undergratuates Site Proposal"
  • Thomas Mullen (Chemistry) -- research budget -- "Replicating Multifunctional Nanoscale Features"
  • Jennifer Wesely (Criminology and Criminal Justice) -- course release -- "Interventions and Re-Offending Among Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrators: A Qualitative and Quantitative Approach"

2011-12 Awardees:

  • Scott Brown (Art and Design) -- research budget -- "Working Group for the Study of Medieval Sculpture"
  • Alison Bruey (History) -- course release -- "Bread, Justice and Liberty: Neoliberalism, Human Rights, and Grassroots Organizing in Pinochet's Chile"
  • Alicia Sitren (Criminology and Criminal Justice) -- research budget -- "Deterence Theory"
  • James Worth (Psychology) -- course release -- "Non-Linear Optical Properties of Plasmonic Nanodevices"

2010-11 Awardees:

  • Stuart Chalk (Chemistry) -- research budget -- "Multivariate Method for the Analysis of Arsenate and Phosphate in Environmental Waters"
  • Chiu Choi (Political Science and Public Administration) -- research budget -- "Green Growth and Economic Development: Collaboration and Management in the Face of Climate Change"
  • Nofa Dixon (Art & Design) -- research budget -- "Mosaic and Glazed Ceramic Tile Mural"
  • Lev Gasparov (Physics) -- course release -- "Thin Film Substrates: A Spectroscopic Insight"
  • Dominik Guess (Psychology) -- course release -- "Dynamic Decision Making Expertise"
  • Melissa Hargrove (Sociology & Anthropology) -- course release -- "Reinventing the Plantation: Gated Communities as Spatial Segregation in the Gullah Sea Islands"
  • Ronald Libby (Political Science and Public Administration) -- research budget -- "Great Expectations: Challenges to Obama's Presidency"
  • Susan Perez (Psychology) -- course release -- "Children's Development of Executive Function Skills"
  • Stephynie Perkins (Communicaiton) -- research budget -- "The Norman Studios"
  • Bart Welling (English) -- course release -- "'No Blood for Oil': The Unnatural History of Oil Discources int he Modern Literature and Culture of the United States"
  • Greg Wurtz (Physics) -- course release -- "Non-Linear Optical Properties of Plasmonic Nanodevices"