Does Race (Still) Matter?  An Intergenerational Dialogue about Changing Perceptions on the Social Impact of Race

“It’s Always About Race.  It’s Never About Race.”

A Program in Civil Discourse


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Purpose:  To share viewpoints on the impact/influence of race from various generational perspectives.


Symposium Goal:  To enhance understanding of the various viewpoints presented, to encourage appreciation of the fact that there are a diversity of viewpoints, to encourage tolerance of diversity of opinion, to encourage respect for the beliefs and practices of others


Date:  Thursday, April 18, 7 pm to 9 pm


Place:  The Adam Herbert University Center Banquet Hall


Moderator:  John A. Delaney, President, University of North Florida


Organizers/Sponsors:  OneJax (An Institute of the University of North Florida), the UNF College of Arts and Sciences, the Florida Times-Union, WJCT, and the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission



Wilfredo Gonzalez, District Director, U.S. Small Business Administration

Kenya Gordon, Stanton College Prep Student

R.L. Gundy, Pastor, Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church of Jacksonville

Michael Hallett, Professor and Chair, UNF Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Darius Holliday, Stanton College Prep Student

J.T. Johnson, St. Augustine Civil Rights Leader

Adiam Miller, Stanton College Prep Student

Inam Sakinah, Stanton College Prep Student

Amy Shuman, UNF Student

For those interested in Twitter conversation, either before the event or during the event -- we will be taking questions from the audience in part through a Twitter feed -- the hashtag we are using is #facerace