In an effort to support the scholarly and creative efforts of our faculty, the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Leadership Council will award Faculty Fellowships this fall.  All tenured and tenure track faculty are invited to submit proposals. 


These fellowships are made possible by the generosity of our Dean’s Leadership Council, a group of community volunteers whose mission is to foster a vital relationship between the College and the community it serves.  As community leaders with a vested interest in the arts and sciences, the Leadership Council helps the Dean to develop lasting partnerships with external constituents, thus enhancing the College’s reputation throughout Jacksonville. 


Faculty Fellowship proposals that involve UNF students or activities that benefit or enhance the community are encouraged.  Please keep in mind that the proposals will be reviewed and selections made by the Council.  It is in your best interest, therefore, to present your proposal in lay terms so that it can be readily understood by those without your own disciplinary expertise.    Recipients will receive a spring course release and $4,000 research award additional expenses based on their project’s itemized budget.  Funds will be transferred to the Department’s Foundation Account.



 Faculty Fellowship proposals must contain the following information in the order listed. 


 For a proposal to be eligible for consideration, all questions must be answered completely, and all requested documents must be provided by the deadline.


 Please follow the outline below when organizing your proposal



1.      Project Overview: What is the purpose of your project? (Brief statement- 75 words max.)


2.      Project Description: Please include answers to the following questions in your narrative:

                -Project plan (in narrative form)

                -What is the potential impact of this project?

                -Will this project involve UNF students? If so, how will they benefit?

                -How will this project benefit your ongoing scholarly/creative agenda?

3.       Award History: List any previous awards or funding sources secured from the Dean’s Leadership Council.  If this proposal differs from a previous award, please explain the difference in your research.

4.     Project Budget

                -Itemized Budget Breakdown

                -List of other funding sources for this project (include requested and committed funds and sources)

Fellowship recipients must agree 1) to offer one open public lecture on the subject of their projects and 2) to be available if invited to make a short presentation at a future Dean’s Leadership Council meeting on the purpose and outcome of the scholarly project.

Format Requirements: 

  •       PDF Format   
  •       12 point font, Times New Roman
  •       1 ½ spaced with margins measuring 1” on all sides
  •        Proposals may be no more than 3 pages in length, 2 pages for C.V.

Faculty Fellowship Deadline:

  •        Submission deadline – 12:00 noon on Wednesday, August 16, 2017  
  •        Faculty should include a copy of their current C.V. – limited to 2 pages.  
  •        All proposals should be submitted electronically to the COAS Dean’s Office at   
  •        Awards will be announced on October 1, 2017  
  •        Questions? Contact Meg Vaysben by email:   


2015-2016 Dean’s Leadership Council Faculty Fellows 


A full list of past Faculty Fellows can be accessed here.