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College Operational Practices

This page lists the operational practices of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Operational practices (OPs) are descriptions of how things are usually done. COAS OPs are subordinate to the COAS Operating Procedures/Bylaws, UNF polices (including the Collective Bargaining Agreement), SUS policies, state law, and federal law. Exceptions to OPs must be authorized by the Dean and the Dean may authorize exceptions from time to time.

The College uses the COAS Canvas Operational Practices Forum to develop OPs.

Approved Operational Practices

Approved April 1, 2019

 Course Buyout

Approved March 8, 2019

Records Access Review

Approved December 1, 2018

Professional Development Funds

Chairs Administrative Leave

Approved October 6, 2018:

Process for Developing the COAS Vision Statement 

Approved April 27, 2018:

Dean's Fund

Approved January 26, 2018:

Making Operational Practices

Research Enhancement Plans

Tenure Appraisals