COAS Canvas Operational Practices Forum

The College uses Canvas as a means for faculty and staff to provide feedback on draft OPs. Participation is completely voluntary. A Canvas “course” has been created. If you wish to participate in discussions of draft OPs, just enroll in this course using the link below.

Course Name: COAS Operational Practices Forum
Course Code: GROUP.COAS OP Forum
Enrollment Link:

  • Once you are enrolled, click Dashboard, COAS Operational Practices Forum, Discussions.
  • You will see a list of OPs currently under discussion. Click on one of them. 
  • To see the current draft, click on the Word file. 
  • To leave a comment, click Reply. 


An email will be sent to all faculty and staff every time a new draft OP is posted to the Forum. 

After approval, OPs are posted on the College Operational Practices page of the COAS web site. An email is sent to all faculty and staff every time an OP is posted to this web page.