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CMS Training & Support

Help & Support


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For editors who have completed migration to CMS, the following methods are available for additional help and training:

  1. Refer to CMS Login for announcements and instructions.
    • CMS Instruction Manual
    • CMS Frequently Asked Questions
    • CMS Best Practices and Writing Guides
  2. Attend the weekly open training session in the CMS lab.
  3. Attend the monthly CMS lunch & learn session. 
    • Watch the CMS login page's announcements for scheduled offerings.
  4. Contact

Feature Requests

To request additional or new features, contact
Depending on the nature of the request, you will be asked to either

    1) Submit the request to the Internet Presence Committee

    2) Submit an ITSR ticket


  • To request a change to an existing smart form specific to your site, submit an ITSR ticket. Response time is typically within a day.
  • Training

    In order to have access to the CMS, you must attend one of the CMS training classes. The University of North Florida currently offers the following training classes that give web authors and approvers the knowledge and skills needed to create, edit and approve web pages within the CMS. Currently, classes are scheduled  on an as-need basis for units actively engaged in migration to CMS. When open-seating classes become available, the schedule will be announced here.

    • CMS Training for Content Builders (Migrators)
      This class will teach users how to migrate and build a website in CMS. Topics covered include logging in and  navigating the CMS workarea; page building using the UNF templates; creating and editing content; adding images and hyperlinks; building navigation menus; and validating content for ADA compliance.

    • CMS Training for Content Editors
      This class will teach users how to maintain a site once it is built in the CMS. Topics covered include logging in and navigating the CMS workarea; editing existing content; using the Global Image Library; adding hyperlinks; and validating content for ADA compiance. Additionally, for departments that choose to use workflow, steps for reviewing and approving submitted content will be addressed.