The Do’s and Don’ts of being an Advisor:  


1.            Do Read the handbook: Please actually read the Club Alliance handbook it might be long but it is all important information 

                your members might ask you.

2.            Do Help: Assist with the programming, travel plans, and finances of your club.

3.            Do be available: Be someone that the organizations officers and members know that they can regularly meet with.

4.            Do be educated: As an adviser you help the organization keep UNF’s and the states laws and procedures to prevent future

                liabilities. You also need to feel confident enough to help train new leadership officers.

5.            Do keep open communication: Keeping open communication with your students especially and club alliance and the 

                student union is important to your organization’s success.   


1.            Don’t Supervise: There is a fine line between advising and supervising you need to be involved but not too involved, 

                 you are an advisor.

2.            Don’t criticize in public: If you have concerns with your member or officer pull them off to the side do not embarrass them 

                and criticize them in public.

3.            Don’t let conflicts get out of hand: As an advisor it is your job to help mediate conflict when it arises.

4.            Don’t be quiet: As the advisor remember you can speak up during discussions when you have relevant information 

                that can help.

5.            Don’t discourage creativity: Keep an environment where students feel that they can come up with new ideas.