Welcome to Club Alliance! 

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Apply to be Director or Assistant Director!

Are you looking for leadership experience and an amazing resume booster? Want management experience, event planning, and public relations skills? Look no further! The position of Club Alliance Director and Assistant Director are open! Click HERE to see the job descriptions and applications!



Deadlines for Student Government Funding

Any Student Government money allocated to your club will be available for your club to use until July 1st. All money that is not used after that date will be swept back to Student Government. Please make sure your club turns in the proper paperwork before the following dates to allow time to process: 

Purchase Order deadline: June 2nd. 

Purchase Request deadline: June 16th. 



Win a Goose Plushie

Club Alliance needs your feedback in order to make the next year even better!  

Complete a short survey and be entered into a drawing to win 1 of  5 goose plushies ! 

Deadline to complete the survey is April 24th, winners will be announced on April 25th.

Anyone involved in a RSO is invited to take this survey.


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Non-Mandatory Summer Committee Meetings

If your club is trying to get out of attendance suspension, they may attend a non-mandatory committee meeting on the first Friday of each summer month.

There will be a meeting on May 5th, at 12 pm