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Liaison Program

The primary goal of this program is to provide communication channels, develop relationships, and promote dialogue between instructional design professionals and the academic communities they serve.

Role of Liaison

  • Serve as point of contact for departments/programs developing and delivering online courses.
  • Assist in the production of high-quality online courses through instructional design and development, consultation, and workshops.
  • Coordinate faculty development efforts related to the practical and pedagogical skills necessary for developing and delivering online courses.
  • Attend department/program meetings to present techniques for the appropriate use of technology in the development of online instruction, including use of LMS, web conferencing, and new media.
  • Assist colleges with the transition of entire degree programs to fully online.

Liaison Services

As Instructional Designers our primary role is to provide faculty members with the supports needed to assist them with developing and delivering high-quality distance learning courses at UNF. This includes consulting regularly with faculty members to discuss the use of technology elements in their online courses, identifying instructional challenges, and recommending tools that will help them meet their instructional goals. While that works well for meeting the individual needs of faculty members, we also want to meet the long-term instructional needs of departments and colleges.


To ensure that we are being proactive in providing additional communication channels between the IDs and the departments/programs delivering online courses, we can also offer to:

  • Attend departmental meetings to discuss our instructional design services and general topics related to online learning at UNF.
  • Develop and deliver department/program-centric online learning workshops.
  • Assist with organizing cohorts of faculty within your department to complete the Teaching Online Seminars.

Visit the Instructional Design Team Consultations page to schedule a consultation with your ID.