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Course Media Development

There are many types of instructional media available to instructors teaching blended or online courses. The particular types and quantity of instructional media you put into your course can potentially increase or decrease the level of autonomy required of the learner. During course development, you will need to make some decisions about which instructional media to include in your course. You will also want to find or develop instructional media that contributes directly to the achievement of the learning objectives.


With that in mind, CIRT provides an array of instructional media services to faculty developing blended or online courses and can assist with ensuring the instructional media aligns to the stated course and module/unit learning objectives. Review the information below to request assistance in developing your course media.

Banners and Course Cards

To request a banner and/or course card for your course, submit the Banner Request Form



are images displayed across the top of the course Home page and provide a course with a refined look and a brand identity.


Course Cards

are designed to coordinate with the banner to show an overview of course information in your Canvas dashboard screen.

Course Introduction Videos

Creating a course introduction video for your blended or online courses is an excellent way to introduce yourself, provide students with an overview of the course, and start building rapport with your students. This type of video typically appears on the course Home page just below the course banner.




When you contact Andy, please provide as much information as possible, including the following:

  • Date you would like to record the video in CIRT's video studio
  • The information you want to convey to your students
  • The sort of graphical representation you believe most effective for doing so
  • Any images you wish to be included
  • Deadline for completion

To request a course introduction video, contact Course Media Developer, Andy Rush

Additional Media

Other types of instructional media often developed for blended or online courses include, textbook images, graphics to support lessons, and other e-learning content such as software demonstrations, software simulations, and branched scenarios. Instructional media encompasses a number of graphical representations intended to convey information to the student. For example, infographics are graphic image representations of information, data, etc. Common types of infographics are charts or diagrams (see example).




Alternative text is included with Canvas course banners. Videos incorporate captions and transcripts.

To request additional course media, contact Course Media Developer, Audrey Murray