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Instructional Design

Online Course Examples

Welcome to the ID Team’s showcase of outstanding online courses at the University of North Florida! The high-quality courses featured below model exemplary design in online education. We invite you to contact an Instructional Designer to integrate best practices in online teaching and effective design elements into your hybrid and DL courses.


Individual Courses

The following individual courses were developed by utilizing our Online Course Templates. They have all passed a Quality Matters (QM) review and feature the following essential components for high-quality online courses: user-friendly navigation, alignment of objectives with course materials and assessments, clearly-articulated grading policies and criteria, stated communication and netiquette expectations, accessibility and privacy statements, and links to technical and academic support services.


Template  A example for Intro to International relations

Josh Gellers, Ph.D. | INR2002: International Relations

In the style of Template A, Dr. Gellers’ INR2002 course challenges students to make decisions and evaluate viewpoints related to International Relations through engaging discussion prompts.



Template A example for Business Calculus

Jose Franco, Ph.D. | MAC2233: Business Calculus

In the style of Template A, Dr. Franco’s MAC2233 course incorporates problem-solving tutorial videos and synchronous Conferences sessions to support student performance and model Business Calculus processes.



Template A example for Pscyhopathology

Tes Tuason, Ph.D. | MHS6070: Psychopathology

In the style of Template A, Dr. Tuason’s MHS6070 course engages students through discussions and reflective journals that prompt them to consider their personal and professional experiences in combination with course content to draw conclusions about Psychopathology concepts.



Template B example for aging policy and politics

Cynthia Williams, Ph.D. | GEY3660: Aging Policies and Politics

In the style of Template B, Dr. Williams’ GEY3660 course scaffolds student performance with high-quality rubrics that articulate expectations and scoring criteria for assignments that explore Aging Policies and Politics.



Template B example for social psychology

Curtis Phills, Ph.D. | SOP3004: Social Psychology

In the style of Template B, Dr. Phills’ SOP3004 course showcases effective content chunking with Social Psychology mini-lecture videos that are further organized into YouTube playlists for convenient access.



Template C example for Writing Wellness

Tru Leverette, Ph.D. |ENC2451: Writing Wellness

In the style of Template C, Dr. Leverette’s ENC2451 course engages students by prompting them to consider their own health and fitness goals throughout the course and to reflect on Wellness habits and progress in a summative self-reflection.



Template C example for early american literature

Jennifer Lieberman, Ph.D. | AML2010: Early American Literature

In the style of Template C, Dr. Lieberman’s AML2010 course offers students a variety of instructional materials and its content on Early American Literature may be shared and adapted under a Creative Commons Attribution License.



Programmatic Courses

The following courses have been designed and developed for online delivery as part of a programmatic transition. Program administrators and faculty collaborate with an Instructional Designer in this process to create highly effective learning experiences that align to programmatic goals and objectives. Check out our Distance Learning Program Transition page to learn more about program transitions.


Example with a logo, food in tubes and text advanced concepts in nutrition

Andrea Arikawa, Ph.D. | HUN7803: Advanced Concepts in Nutrition Science

Developed in partnership with an Instructional Designer as part of the DCN programmatic transition, Dr. Arikawa’s HUN7803 course introduces module objectives and learning activities with creative GoAnimate videos.



Example with ASL logo and text American Sign Language 2

Michael Stultz, M.A. | ASL2150: American Sign Language II

Developed in partnership with an Instructional Designer as part of the ASL programmatic transition, Stultz’s ASL2150 course showcases ASL skills through instructor videos and challenges students to demonstrate their progressing skills through videos recorded with the GoReact LTI in Canvas.



Nationally Recognized Courses

The following nationally QM-reviewed courses feature a variety of high-quality elements to enhance online learning and support student performance. The instructors who developed these courses have gone above and beyond to create engaging and authentic learning opportunities. See full listing of UNF's QM Reviewed Courses.

Example with a guitar and text the music business

Clarence Hines, D.M.A. | MUM3701: The Music Business

Dr. Hines’ MUM3701 course excels in integrating a variety of learning activities and instructional materials, including custom module introduction videos that feature Hines highlighting module content and sharing professional insights related to the Music Business.



Example with a medical background and text health information

Cynthia Williams, Ph.D. | HSA3191: Health Information Systems I

Dr. Williams’ HSA3191 course scaffolds student progress with formative reading check quizzes and discussions to apply concepts in Health Information Systems as precursors to the summative Health Information Technology Analysis Paper.